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Vienna is the heart of Europe that beats to the waltz rhythm. The Austrian capital has almost 2 million inhabitants who stroll among some of the most outstanding examples of Baroque architecture. Traditions and the preservation of the cultural and architectural heritage do not prevent the city from being ranked among the most innovative in the world.

Vienna literally and figuratively breathes. More than half of the city area is occupied by parks and green areas. 

The city is defined as the music capital of the world. Classical music represents Vienna worldwide through the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven and Franz Schubert. You can visit some of the museums, the number of which exceeds 100. Here, remarkable collections of works of art are located.

Viennese coffeehouses are responsible for the development of coffee culture and visiting sophisticated and cozy establishments to socialize and enjoy a coffee-based drink.

We travel from Sofia to Vienna every day of the week at precisely 08:30. From Vienna to Sofia we offer you a regular bus service every day from Tuesday to Sunday inclusive.

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