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UNION IVKONI is a leading transport company, a leader in the field of intercity and international bus transport, bus rental and provision of official transport for employees of large companies and production bases on the Bulgarian market.
We are a proven, experienced and reliable provider of transport and travel services in the country and abroad. We are constantly developing our route network and expanding the range of services offered. We have successfully introduced the transport of parcels and courier services, the possibility of transporting additional passenger luggage and making money transfers through partner agreements. We develop dynamically in accordance with the needs and wishes of our customers and partners.

The road safety and quality management system helps us achieve our mission.
To be "Always in your direction" - flexible, correct and easily accessible. To provide a secure, safe and comfortable journey through high standard service. To participate responsibly in the road traffic system. To expand the type and scope of our services.

We strive to achieve this through teamwork, innovative solutions, long-term relationship programs, first-class customer care and a responsible attitude to all stakeholders. We are committed to initiatives to promote and strengthen the safety culture, improve common knowledge about the causes of road accidents and offer preventive solutions to improve the GDP indicator. We constantly improve the qualifications of our employees, develop our internal rules, improve the awareness of our employees, partners and customers.

We manage our processes through a new way of thinking, considering risks and opportunities to ensure the quality and safety of the services provided.

By "quality" and "road safety" we mean:

  • Strict compliance with the Road Traffic Act and all other legal and by-law provisions that regulate transport activities in the Republic of Bulgaria and on the territory of the EU.
  • Constant commitment to know and meet the requirements of customers and all stakeholders.
  • Care for protecting the health and peace of our customers and all participants in the road traffic system.
  • Use of means of transport meeting high safety standards.
  • Upgrading of services by creating contacts at the level of Bulgarian and international associations and other associations of companies in the transport sector.
  • Maintaining correct relations with partners and suppliers.
  • Follow rules for continuous improvement of services and improvement of processes.
  • Strive to increase the qualification and competence of employees.
  • Harmonious collegial relations and climate of mutual assistance.       

By implementing the Quality Management System and road safety we aim to:

  • To join the company to the European principles of work with a commitment to comply with rules and norms, guaranteeing the achievement of the set goals.
  • To be close to our customers, to achieve good communication and easily discover and satisfy their wishes.
  • To ensure responsible and adequate behavior in the road traffic system.
  • To increase the quality of the provided services through zero tolerance for violations, predicting risks and seizing opportunities.
  • To expand the scope of the transport service and to enrich our portfolio of offered services.
  • To discover and master the maximum amount of factors influencing the road safety indicator.
  • To support the implementation of the National Road Traffic Safety Strategy.
  • To maintain an aspiration for continuous improvement of the processes in the organization.
  • To improve internal communication and staff engagement.
  • To motivate our employees and invest in their improvement and career growth.
  • To improve interactions with our partners and suppliers.
  • To achieve high business performance.         
  • To digitize processes in the company and introduce innovative solutions for tracking the movement of vehicles on the territory of the country and in all countries to and from which we travel.

As Managers of UNION IVKONI, we guarantee with all our decisions and actions to ensure the implementation of this policy. We believe that each of our employees is clearly aware of their role in the organization and the system of quality management and BDP, and according to their rights, responsibilities and personal capabilities will contribute to its maintenance and continuous improvement.
     We are confident in the success we will achieve together!

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