Instructions for a safe trip

Plan your trip

The good planning ensures a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. The buses of the companies that are part of the Ivkoni Group operate with dynamic prices (unless the price is fixed for a certain course, period or promotional activity). This means that the price of the ticket depends on the occupancy of the bus and the date of travel. The earlier you book or purchase your ticket, the greater price advantage you will have.
Customer loyalty cards, discounts and promotions
Check out cards, discounts and promotions we offer in advance. They are entirely to your benefit and can reduce the cost of your trip.

Obtain preliminary information about your trip with Ivkoni Group                                     

Our customer service center is always at your service. For domestic lines you can call 0700 1 8282 and for international travel call +359 88 883 8838.
The website of the carrier company contains a lot of useful information that you can familiarize yourself with before your trip, and especially the General Terms and Conditions for travel in the country and abroad.
Before you leave, check the conditions for the carriage of baggage (allowable amount, dimensions and weight).
Acquire information on the total duration of your trip, are there any planned breaks.

Before boarding the bus

Check the departure time and the exact location from where the bus departs. The websites of "Union Ivconi", "Etap Address" and "Group Plus" contain the exact addresses of our offices and the stops and stations we serve.
Check your personal documents and other documents that may be required during your trip (visas, certificates, permits, etc. according to the instructions of the authorities in the respective country). The bus carrier is not responsible for the orderliness of your documents and the requirements imposed by the border authorities.

When boarding the bus

Follow the driver's instructions before, during and after your trip.
If you are not boarding at an origin stop, wait for passengers to get off the bus and then step on board.  
Be careful when getting on and off the bus and use the handrail if necessary. If you have difficulty going up and down stairs, ask the driver in advance to help you.
Watch your personal belongings during station or rest area stay and do not leave them unattended.

During travel

Passengers must be seated in their seats during travel. Do not change seats while traveling.
Use seat belts throughout the entire journey. Each seat is equipped with a seat belt for your safety.
Do not talk to the driver and do not distract him while he is driving.
Do not block the bus aisle in any way.
You share the bus ride with other people. Avoid behavior that could lead to verbal and physical confrontation, thus endangering your safety, the safety of other passengers and distracting the driver. Do not throw litter on the floor, seats or other areas of the bus. This makes the journey unpleasant for everyone. Indiscriminately discarded garbage may block emergency exits. You can dispose of waste during breaks in the designated locations. Help maintaining buses and bus stops clean by using litter and recycling bins.
Smoking inside the bus is strictly prohibited.
In case of danger
Always follow the instructions of the driver and bus company employees exactly.
If you notice an incident or behavior that could endanger health and safety of self and/or others, inform the driver immediately. Your quick action can prevent a serious accident. Buses are equipped with cell phones to contact police, fire department and emergency medical services.
Take a look around when you take your seat on the bus. Find out where the emergency exits are.
A bus fire extinguisher is usually located behind the driver's seat, or under the front row passenger seat, or in the nearest to the front overhead compartment.
Remember: the main vehicle exits are the two passengers alighting and boarding side doors.
In case of emergency, emergency exits are: the two side doors, all windows of the bus and the two emergency hatches on the roof. Always observe the sign indicating the exits, the emergency window knockers, and the door release valves from the inside and outside.
Always follow the driver's evacuation instructions or take action to self-evacuate immediately in case of emergency.
In case of evacuation, leave all personal belongings on the bus, do not return for them and do not waste time. Do not block the aisle between the seats. If possible, take care of other passengers as well.

Alighting a bus

Get up from the seat after the bus has been parked. Do not approach the exit while the vehicle is in motion.
Prepare for disembarkation in advance; don't make other passengers wait while you collect your luggage.
Wait for the people in the seats in front of you to leave before getting up from your seat.
Be careful when stepping out, use the handrail and ask for help if needed.


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