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We hardly need to invite you to visit Burgas in the summer. The sea itself attracts tourists from around the world. We invite you to visit the city year-round, because it has something to offer in every season. Did you know that the Sea Casino building was built according to a project by Viktoria Angelova-Vinarova - the third female architect in Bulgaria and the first to win an architectural competition. The building was officially opened in August 1938 and the spectacular events lasted a week.


The Sea Garden, where the building of the Sea Casino is located, was created with the first development plan of Burgas in 1891. Architect Georgi Duhtev was the first manager of the Sea Garden and began the construction of the Seaside Park. Later in his career, he became the manager of the Borisova Garden in Sofia.


Thanks to the regular bus lines of "Union Ivkoni" arch. Dukhtev is not the only connecting link between Burgas and Sofia. We offer you more than 10 courses per day in each direction, which are carried out every day of the week. Enjoy your trip.


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